At Stork we believe that childhood is precious. It is a period of play, wonder, exploration, curiosity, spontaneous joy, and presence. In our work we seek to tap into those wonderful qualities to create beautiful, engaging, vibrant, playful, and emotional work. 

We started off with family portraits, capturing the beauty, love, blessing and intimacy of budding and growing parents. Soon we expanded to serve schools and their wonderful missions to help children blossom, non-profits who do tireless work in service of children's well-being, and corporate brands who make products that put families front and center. 

It's important to us that we work with our clients to tell their unique stories of how they serve children and families. Whether it's by offering a colorful, playful, mood-lifting, life-enhancing product, an app that's based on explorative free play, or an educational philosophy that honors children's way of learning.

Our care for children goes beyond seeps into everything we do. Our productions are organized our talent's needs. Ranging from hiring child-friendly crews, to consulting early childhood specialists, to adopting high-standard safety protocols and following legal procedures for working with minors. We also look for partnerships with clients who have high ethical standards within their own business practices. 

All in all, we're a team of craftsmen and women—writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors—who deeply care about their art and the people we serve: our clients and ultimately the little ones.