Julie (founder), Joe (director), and their second son shortly after his birth.

Julie (founder), Joe (director), and their second son shortly after his birth.


Stork Films was born when two filmmaking parents had their first baby. Like any new parents we were in awe of our baby’s every sneeze, yawn and smile. Unlike most parents we had professional equipment and editing software at our disposal to turn these special moments into cohesive montages.

As we shared our videos with family and friends, there was one unanimous reaction: you should make a business out of this!

Fast forward and Stork Films has grown into a company that has produced dozens of family video portraits and promotional films for children’s-oriented businesses—from big brands to educational institutions to children’s charities.

We work with child-friendly crews at the top of their field and involve (early) childhood specialists to create a safe, nurturing and above all fun-filled filming environment.



Julie Meerschwam, Founder and Producer

Joe Turner Lin, Creative Director

Caryn Waechter, Cinematographer

Justin Marshall, Cinematographer

Jason Wood, Editor

Melyssa Vazquez, Editor